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Aerodynamic Testing

Aerodynamic testing

Bicycles are becoming more and more expensive, especially in the triathlon area suggests us the advertising a lot, with us you have the opportunity to test what really makes sense.

Before a purchase, you can of course also be advised in this regard, a new wheel should not come from us is of course also a paid consulting possible.

One thing we could filter out in all our tests, this is actually logical, but does not fit the marketing, it is a huge, huge difference whether material is tested at speed 45 in the wind tunnel, or still with a professional in the best possible position on it, than at real speeds in a position that you can ride.
And without that we are paid to offer you a brand, so it comes to curious results that we come to different results than the paid athlete whose previous material was of course much worse than his new equipment.

Here is also the big advantage for you, it fits, like everything we approach, in the end for you. So you can decide whether 5000, - surcharge worthwhile to drive the 180km 20s faster or not, with the individuelellen data you have all the possibilities.

Experience shows that with little things is often more to achieve than with a new wheel, so we approach this in the entire test runs we will do with you.

All in all, something like this takes a good 2h from the creation of your baseline to the final check.

We work on the position, make simple and possibly affordable material changes and/or optimizations, and compare these values at the end with the reference value determined at the beginning. In most cases, you can go home with an improvement after all runs without further investment.

In addition to the measurement data, we also make numerous video recordings, if possible, from the side, front, rear, while filming from the truck allows us to do this without changing the perspective.

In the following we see what improvement can be achieved in the course of such a test:


As we can see, we achieve an improvement of almost 30% in the athlete, no wheels were exchanged or changed to another wheel. These are of course dimensions that pay off directly and immediately provide more speed. And, for this, it is not even necessary to train more, the effect is immediate and has an even stronger effect at higher speeds.

Make an appointment

Aerodynamic tests are always done by appointment and as a single appointment (several athletes one after the other are no problem in groups). Either we come to you if you have a suitable location, or we meet at a suitable place. Customers around NRW to the Lower Rhine we like to test e.g. near Weeze in the Netherlands. You can make an appointment by calling 02302-28946 -40/41 or ask below.

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If you have any questions about our services or need help in any way contact our team - we are happy to help!


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